Trucking in the USA

I really enjoy driving a big rig in the USA. I have met a lot of great people including my
Trucker Buddies. I decided to start this blog after a couple I met in November.

I had pulled over the night before to get some sleep, I thought in an area far far away from anybody. I woke early in the morning to see a car stuck in the mud, about 150 feet from the road
The husband was trying to drive and the wife trying to push. The car was going nowhere but she was learning a new way to have mud applied to her face. It was raining hard but I walked out to talk to them, they were not very happy. I hooked my chains to them and had them out in about 5 minutes, then they were very happy. I was very happy after I got back into my truck and into dry clothes. A few minutes of work and we were all happy.